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Free Offline Music Player App for Android

Tubify is probably the best music app for android. It is a free music player that allows you to do free music download for android in HQ. Limitless & freely.


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Collection size ∼ 35 mio. ∼ 34,24 mio. ∼ 32 mio. ∼ 40 mio.
Discoverability of music
Cast compatibility (only AirPlay)
Play in background
No ads (one time fee)
Playing music offline
Charts & Genres
Price per year 0$
(YouTube Red: 119.88$)
0$ 119.88$ 119.88$

What is Tubify Premium?

Tubify Free Music Player App Premium for Android is probably the best music app for android. Free legal music for download.


Join a global community that is creatively inspiring and music-driven. Share styles, discuss your favorite artists and find exciting friends worldwide. They’ll help you out finding good free offline music apps.

Intuitive usability/

Manage and explore playlists with good music easily offline by using an interface that provides a unique and vibeful experience.

High Quality Sound/

Explore high quality sound with every download and stream offline due to the use of the 320kbit/s AAC format.

/34.24 M Songs

Have access to over 30 million songs listed by genre. Find emerging newcomers, trending hits and the best music at your fingertips and offline with the Tubify Free Music Player App Premium for Android.

/Wherever you are for FREE

Wherever you are, Tubify is with you. Stream your favorite music offline for FREE with the Tubify Free Music Player App Premium for Android.

/Cast compatibility

Simply use your mobile device and the TV you already own to stream your favorite Artists and Playlists. This makes Tubify to one of the best free offline music apps in the world!

Our Philosophy

Tubify stands for a liberal sense of life, which in our opinion should be embodied dealing with music on the internet.

We are a community that defies the world, constantly trying to make the world a better version of itself. We actively support newcomers by giving them the chance to promote their music.

Art is a fundamental good which must be directly accessible and far from limitation to every human being. The availability and vivid diversity of music should be independent from the financial situation/social background of a human being, accessible everywhere and without any barrier.

We see it as our responsibility…

...to provide the always practiced culture of artful-spiritual exchange as a fundamental right.

...to spread the message of freedom and liberal self-communication, that serves the embodiment of one’s own life philosophy.

Our promise is to make the Internet a little bit more human and therefore better, to make sure that also future generations benefit from this groundbreaking evolution.

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